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Events ( Free Orthopedic Check Up )

Free Orthopedic Check Up

With The Divine Blessings Of P. Pujya.Thakur Sai Assanlal Ji And With Generous Support And Advice Of P. Pujya.Thakur Sai Omprakash Ji An Orthopedic Camp Is Being Organized In *Jai Jhulelal Hospital Bharuch (Gujrat)* From 19 th November to 31st December.
*Surgery Done Discounted Rates (25%)*..
Dr.Kedar Phadke (Consultant Spine Surgeon) Is Going To Lead The Camp.During The Camp Period Surgeries Like Spine Surgery,Knee Arthroplasty,Knee Scopy , knee replacement and Hip Replacement.....
*Are Going To Be Done At Discounted Rates (25%)*..

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